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Further Information


  • The program will be conducted from January 7 2023 until January 21 2023

  • See the full list of key dates in the calendar below


  • Participants will be accommodated at the 4.5 star Travello Hotel in Bandung.

  • The program includes 5 nights homestay with a local Bandung household.

  • Tuition will occur on campus at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung


  • Participants will be adults above the age of 18 years. Application is open to all however members of Australia Indonesia Association Victoria and NSW will be prioritised.

  • It is envisaged that the maximum number of participants will be twenty.

  • Participants will be expected to participate fully in scheduled tuition and associated events and excursions. 


  • 60 hours of tuition over 10 days will be provided by the Language Learning Center, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in Bandung. 

  • Tuition will consist of formal classes and associated cultural activities designed to enable participants to apply and consolidate learning.


The participants fee is $2550 (exclusive of flights). Participants are expected to arrange and pay for flights through our travel agent - Travelku

Participant fee will include:

  • tuition

  • accommodation 

  • transfers to and from Bandung

  • travel insurance

  • Participants to cover all other costs including, food/drinks, local transport, gifts, and stationary

Further Information 

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